2021 Holiday Gift Guide - Ornaments

Dec 02, 2021 Queen City Yarn

Ornaments are a fun way to gift handmade when you don’t have a ton of time to devote to knitting or crocheting actual human sized things. They also make a super cute gift topper. 

A couple years ago I made an ornament each month and it was so much fun to add those 12 new ornaments to my tree. I’m planning on doing that again in 2022! I was on track in 2020 until Covid hit and then after March the only ornaments I made were Kino Knits Dumpster Fire ornaments. 

This year I made only a few handmade ornaments but they were super quick and tons of fun! Crochet Christmas Granny Baubles by Carmen Heffernan were so much easier to make than the knitted ones I’ve made in the past and Vintage Style Yarn Woven Star Christmas Ornaments by Katie Hale made for a super fun crafty evening with a friend. I’ll be making more of those with my kiddos this month. 

I have created a Ravelry Bundle with all sorts of handmade ornaments that I have either made already or want to make. What’s your favorite handmade ornament?

2021 Holiday Gift Guide- Yarnie Friends Gifts

Nov 25, 2021 Queen City Yarn

Don’t tell my mom, but she’s getting towels and a sweater for Christmas again this year! Shopping for my fellow yarnie friends is a whole lot more fun! Of course we have several options right here at Queen City Yarn. 

*All images are linked.

Our scent of Tuft Woolens lotion Bars smells like a spring garden. Perfect for every notion bag. 

Are you tired of spending $20+ on a pom pom? We were too, so Kelly started making them for us, for $5! 


This time last year Christen and I knit our first Gnome and fell in love! We think you will too! Join us for this years mystery knit a long!

 Wanna give the gift that keeps giving ALL year long? Check out our Studio Series Club! Your first shipment will go out at the end of December!

We may have gone a little overboard with the Home Alone theme on our Advent Boxes, but we aren’t apologizing! Have you seen this Home Alone Hat? A skein of Sweatshirt and Cardinal would be perfect for your Home Alone loving Gnomie! Shop Berryhill HERE!

We of course LOVE supporting other makers that have supported us of the years!  

Casey from Tangerine Designs has been involved in many of our projects this year, including making us custom tags for our sweater samples. Casey is running a sale this weekend for up to 50% Off items and patterns in her Etsy Shop.

Channy Peas Corner has a Fit for a Yarn Queen Holiday Gift Box. You get a jute bag, Crown pin, Queen of Yarn Signature pin and sticker for $29.99.



Tutorial- Gusset Pick UP

Nov 22, 2021 Queen City Yarn

2021 Holiday Gift Guide-Teacher Gifts

Nov 18, 2021 Queen City Yarn

It’s that time of year that I kick myself for not getting started with the gift knitting during the summer. Next year, I tell myself. Only time will tell. 

In addition to gift knitting for my friends and family members, this year I am planning on making up something small for each of the kids’ teachers. Caitlyn and Ryan are LOVING being back in the classroom this year and both of their teachers are doing an amazing job of making this year everything it needs to be for them! 

I spent some time searching Ravelry for fun projects that look like they will work up quickly for teacher gifts. There are so many great options for both knit and crochet! 

Teacher Gifts

I put together a Ravelry Bundle of a few of my top contenders. It might be my extreme love of coffee talking, but I’m leaning toward cup cozies for teacher gifts. I’ll pick up a reusable coffee cup and a Starbucks gift card to go with them. I may get crazy and try one knit and one crochet. I’m a knitter through and through, but I enjoy dabbling in crochet every now and then. A quick crochet cup cozy sounds like a fun evening. 

Main Street by TinCanKnits

Caitlyn found her love of reading this year and enjoys visiting the library to exchange books in the morning before class. She does this a lot as she is blazing through books these days. I think this new found love of reading has a lot to do with the librarian at her school and I am so thankful for her influence and guidance with finding new series for Caitlyn to dive into. I’m planning to enlist Cailtyn in helping me make a special bookmark as a gift.

Are you planning any makes for teacher gifts this year?