Packing for Rhinebeck!

It's 3 pm the day before we start our journey to the Hudson Valley for Rhinebeck weekend. The yarn van is packed, the Ipad is charging and QCY is ready. Me.... ya that's a different story!

Last on the to do list today is pack myself. That started yesterday with 120 loads of laundry. OK, really like five, but as I was dealing with laundry mountain last night at 10:30 it sure felt like 120!

Packing always starts with knitting. I've got a sweater WIP, and on my to do list is winding yarn for a hat as well as yarn to start Mark's Christmas socks. 

Knitting ✅

I never really pick out an outfit for vending. I usually pack a pair of black pants, a black tank top and black tennis shoes. From there, I'll get dressed from the bag of samples. The tank top means I can do a wardrobe change based on the weather or, let you try on my sweater. I strip down to that tank top at least once a show. NEVER be afraid to try on our samples! HUGE shout out to our sample makers,  ya'll keep me dressed in the booth!

The Rhinebeck Sweater. I didn't make one this year. We've been a little busy around here, so it just wasn't in the cards for me. But I do have my Sunday Funday. I started this last fall and got stuck on sleeve island. I finished it up this summer and I'm looking forward to showing it off Saturday. Mine is out of Pants with Pleats, Raindrops, Keep Pounding and Home Team Grey. I'll pair this with a simple tee and a pair of jeans. You never know what kind of weather the Hudson Valley has in store for you. Last year it was in the 60's and warm, 2015 it snowed! Come prepared for both! Thankfully Rhinebeck doesn't have the MUD like Maryland Sheep and Wool, but I'll still pack a pair of boots. They're stylish, warm and good for walking. 

Clothes ✅

One last piece; Road snacks!  See ya'll Friday! 



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