Holiday Kitty Ornament

When we met to discuss our small project ideas for the holidays, I immediately thought about QCY's black kitty logo. Janis, a longtime lover of black cats, sadly lost both of hers this year. Out of this loss, was born the idea of “BD Kitty” to honor Baxter and Diva. With that in mind, I suggested we create kits for a BD Kitty ornament inspired by Susan Claudino’s Snowball Buddies. It was a simple process to take Susan’s playful animal ornaments and create our “BD Kitty” version.

We used Susan’s pattern for the Bunny snowball and modified it to create our Kitty snowball.

We did this by following the directions as written to create the snowball for the kitty body.

We then added a tail using the tail directions from the Mouse snowball.

And lastly, we modified the bunny ears to be more “cat-like”. These changes are included as part of the kit available from Queen City. Our sample is shown with a one color scarf, but with the red yarn included in the kit, you can either add a red stripe or you can use the red to make a bow for your tail.

Modifications for ears:

Cast on 10 stitches

Knit one row

Do increase row (row 4 in pattern)

Knit 3 more rows

Knit 1st decrease row (row 14 in pattern)

Knit one row

Knit 2nd decrease row (row 16 in pattern)

Knit Row 18 of the pattern for the center double decrease to complete ears

Alternatively, you could use the ears for the Mouse snowball as written.

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