Salty Air Tee- Coleman Version

I had been watching the Salty Air Tee by Samantha Guerin previews on Instagram. As soon as it was released I knew I wanted to make one out of Coleman. I cast on my version the day the pattern was released. One of my favorite things about Coleman garments is how quickly they work up. My Salty Air Tee was finished in just twelve days. 

The Salty Air Tee calls for a fingering weight yarn, so knitting one out of Coleman requires a little bit of math to get the size you intend.

Step One:
Make a SWATCH. You will need to make yourself a big swatch at least 30 stitches wide and 30 rows tall. Wash and block this swatch just as you will your tee. Now measure it to find your gauge.

MY GAUGE is 21 stitches and 25 rows = 4 inches or
5.25 stitches and 6.25 rows per inch  <--- You need this per inch measurement

Step Two:
Reading your pattern. You need to find what the largest stitch count on the body is. In the Salty Air Tee this information is on page 7, look for the Sweater body stitch count AFTER splitting for the sleeves. 

Step Three:
The math. Don't worry you can do it, I promise! To figure out what size you want to make at your gauge use the following equation.

Body Stitch Count/ Stitches Per Inch = Finished Bust Circumference

In my case I knit size 3.  243 Stitches/5.25 stitches per inch = 46.25 finish bust size. 

My finished measurements:
A- Finished Bust Circumference- 46.25" 
B- Sleeve Circumference- 14.5"
C- Yoke Depth- 7"
D- Body Length- 13"
E- Sleeve Length- 1.5"
F- Neckline Diameter- 9"

My modifications:
I used US size 5 and 6 Needles.
I worked the Lace chart rounds 1-32 only once.
I worked the body for 12" before starting the ribbing.

We can't wait to see your Coleman version!

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