Hitting the Road with QCY

QCY is on our way to Rochester MN for the Zombie Knitpocolypse retreat and wanted you to be able to follow along with a little road trip diary. Janis and Brian are traveling through six states, around 1,000 miles to bring the yarn to you!!

If you know Janis, then you know there will be lots of coffee stops along the way. I like to joke that she has a built in Starbucks radar. 

Brian on the other hand is fueled by sugar. Can't take a road trip without the road trip snacks!

On their first day of travel they encountered a Buc-ee's gas station which is apparently the largest gas station on the planet. It has over 120 pumps, restaurants, stores and was basically a city unto itself.

They stopped for the day in Illinois after getting an extra hour of daylight thanks to the summer solstice and changing of time zones. Janis says Illinois was home to lots of lightening bugs as you can tell from her windshield! 

She even got some knitting done while Brian was driving, saying it took her less than 350 miles to start and finish this French Toasty hat, that she made in our It's Fall Y'all colorway.

After a long, long day of driving it was time to hit the hay! But you can't leave all the yarn goodies in the van, so Janis and Brian had to do some unloading before they could settle down for the night.

We're so glad y'all got to see what life is like on the road for our "traveling yarn carnie"! Until next time!

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