Our Favorite Sweaters


My friends have already rolled their eyes. That’s right, I picked a sweater with NoDa Sock and mohair held double. I was one person that HATED this trend when it first began. Holding mohair with another yarn was one of the dumbest things I had ever seen and I was NOT getting on board. My friends tried it and I judged them for it, hence the eye rolls now. Christen had been working hard to convince me to add mohair to the Queen City Yarn lineup and I resisted, A LOT. Then Wool & Pine put out Sorrel. The pattern photo had me hook line and sinker in about two seconds. While at Vogue Knitting Live in New York in ‘19 I had sent our friend Ryan with the task of finding me a mauvy pink mohair so I could make Sorrel. I cast it on about 30 second after the mailman delivered the yarn Ryan and co had picked out for me. 

My Sorrel is made using Queen City Yarn, NoDa Sock in Dirty Ballerina and ChilleKnitz, Fluffy Lace in Antique Rose . You could sub Queen City Yarn, Madison Park Mohair in Rose Gold for an almost identical look. I modified the pattern slightly to have a much shorter collar and my sleeves are ¾ length, the chefs kiss sleeve length here in NC. I love everything about this sweater, the fit, the color, the softness and the simplicity of the knit. Nothing makes me happier than a simple stitch that LOOKS so complicated. If you don’t have a fingering weight and mohair sweater, make one, and join me for some crow pie.  


I recently got around to unpacking my hand knits and have been seriously LOVING all of my Biddleville DK pullovers. I’ve been wearing my Rituals Pullover that I knit last year during the Joji Fall KAL a ton lately! 

I love the weight of a DK sweater this time of year. It’s like a gentle hug but in the afternoons, even up in PA, it continues to warm up a bit and the Rituals Pullover has just enough lace to be warm enough to chase the chill, but still breathable. I just love it! The fit is great (thank you swatch and short row shoulder shaping) and it was a super fun knit.  The stripes and lace sections were potato chippy to knit and also meant that I didn’t need to alternate skeins (say what?!) which is something I always recommend with hand dyed yarn. 



I’m that person that immediately loves my most recent make and it hands down becomes my favorite thing. So basically every sweater is my favorite at some point in time! Right now I’m living in my new Waterbearer Cardigan by Jacqueline Cieslak. As a plus size gal, I really love patterns by plus size designers because I know they are going to fit me perfectly and this one is no exception. The brioche shawl collar adds the right amount of wow factor and cropped style makes it a quick project even in a larger size. I used our Octember colorway because I wanted a neutral color that would match lots of outfits but with just enough flair to make it interesting to work with. The black speckles give this colorway an almost tweed look when knit up and it pretty much matches all the dresses in my closet! The only mod I made was making it short sleeved because if you know me, you know I am hot all the time! You won’t find many long sleeved sweaters in my wardrobe. This one is definitely a showstopper and will be my favorite for quite awhile or until I finish my next project.

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