Episode 12

Friday, March 8th, 2019

Instagram - christenc, janisficker and QueenCityYarn

Ravelry- christen, JanisFicker

Podcast Group on Ravelry Queen City Yarn

Christen’s Fo’s

February Tiny Sock Ornament

Impress Hat - pattern available on Ravelry

Off The Cuff Hat - pattern coming end of March

Birds Socks

Inseparable #1 


Christen’s WiPs

March Tiny Sock Ornament

Maybe if I Start Now Socks

Kirby Wirby RBF Reboot Shorty Socks

WestKnits Amazing Technicolor DreamSweater


Party Top

Off the cuff hat

Narwhal Cowl 


Michelada sweater

Knit along socks

Disney socks

Weekender 2.0

Bandana Cowl

J’s favorite Tubular Cast on 

https://www.brooklyntweed.com/casting-on/  you have to scroll down to it

New Fun Stuff in the Queen City Yarn Shop

NeDa Narwhal Kits

Deep Eddy - New Spring Speckle

Irish Disappearing Trick - New Spring Green

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