2021 Holiday Gift Guide - Ornaments

Ornaments are a fun way to gift handmade when you don’t have a ton of time to devote to knitting or crocheting actual human sized things. They also make a super cute gift topper. 

A couple years ago I made an ornament each month and it was so much fun to add those 12 new ornaments to my tree. I’m planning on doing that again in 2022! I was on track in 2020 until Covid hit and then after March the only ornaments I made were Kino Knits Dumpster Fire ornaments. 

This year I made only a few handmade ornaments but they were super quick and tons of fun! Crochet Christmas Granny Baubles by Carmen Heffernan were so much easier to make than the knitted ones I’ve made in the past and Vintage Style Yarn Woven Star Christmas Ornaments by Katie Hale made for a super fun crafty evening with a friend. I’ll be making more of those with my kiddos this month. 

I have created a Ravelry Bundle with all sorts of handmade ornaments that I have either made already or want to make. What’s your favorite handmade ornament?

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