Year-Long Make-A-Long

You’ve heard it a thousand times already, but if we’ve learned anything the past few years, we’ve learned the importance of community  and connection. That’s why our goal for this next year is to help you feel more connection and community within the fiber arts community. The way we hope to foster this is by starting a year-long Make-A-Long (MAL) for 2024.

WAIT…A WHOLE YEAR? We’re sure you’re familiar with Knit-A-Long’s and Crochet-A-Long’s, but our MAL will not limit you to one single design or craft. Rather, we will provide you with pattern ideas, as well as suggested yarns, so you get to decide what you want to work on. The point is making together.


1. Monthly cast-on parties

2. Monthly project prompts

3. Fun surprises and giveaways

We can't wait to make with you all year! Sign up at the button below (we've even got a fun gift to start you off!)



June will be all about coming together (you know, like the Beatles song). For June we are launching Rainbow Minis, perfect for celebrating Pride month!  There are so many multicolor projects for these minis, making them perfectly versatile!


We'll start the month with a cast-on party on June 11 at 7PM ET. Pour your favorite beverage, grab your yarn and join us for a fun evening with a fun group of like-minded makers.


We want customers to choose a pattern they're excited about casting on. Rather than having a set design for this make-a-long we're giving project prompts and an abundance of project ideas to get started. Check below for some of our current favorite summer garment patterns along with color suggestions to get started.

PATTERN: Pride Yolk

Knit or Crochet

PATTERN: Sailors Watch Sunburst Cowl

PATTERN: Hygge Burst Pillow


PATTERN: Agnes Sweater Vest

PATTERN: Oisin Hat

We are encouraging our makers to knit or crochet something for charity. We love the organization Knit the Rainbow. Their mission is to craft handmade clothing for homeless LGBTQ+ youth. Andrew’s Trans Flag hat would be the perfect project.