SOCKtober 2017 Official Details

SOCKtober 2017 Official Details

SOCKtober is here! We are so excited to be back again this year for yet another month of SOCKS SOCK SOCK! This year will be very similar to the past few years, official rules are listed below. While this is technically a competition, remember the real goal is to have fun and fill up those sock drawers. There are plenty of prizes to go around. Many of our sponsor have creating SOCKtober exclusive items. Please see their shops for all of the details!

Sponsorship Categories

Sock Yarn

Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Camel City Dyeworks


Copper Corgi Fiber Studio

Gauge Dye Works


Hazel Knits

Lilliput Yarn

Mint Rain Yarns

Quaere Fibre

Queen City Yarn

Suburban Stitcher

SweetGeorgia Yarns

Twist Fiber Studio


Sock Patterns

BellyButtonKnits Designs


JavaPurl Designs

SweetGeorgia Yarns

Turtlegirl76 Designs

Project Bags

Cabin Creek Creationz

Dazzling Dragonfly


JanBSmiley on Etsy

Kitchen Counter Crafter

Never Not Knitting

Suburban Stitcher

Twist Fiber Studio

WhimzeeStitches Designs

Notions and Accessories

JD Craftshop

Kitchen Counter Crafter

Suburban Stitcher

Twist Fiber Studio

WhimzeeStitches Designs

Knit Along Rules

Top 5 points earners will automatically win a prize. All other prizes will be drawn at random from Instagram using #SOCKtober2017, from the Chatter thread and Finish line threads on Ravelry. Participation is a HUGE part of this knit along, NOT just points.

Works in progressed count, but SOME knitting must be done after 10/1

Points are based on a PAIR:

Shortie / Kid Socks (less than 50 grams) – 5 Points
Socks (51-94 grams) – 10 Points
Knee High / Leg Warmers (95+ grams) – 15 Points
Use a Sponsors item – 5 Bonus Points
Using sponsor items OR PRIZES from years past – 5 points

Claim your points in the Finish Line thread by editing your post and adding a picture of the finished pair and all items you are claiming points for. Please list out all points you are claiming. If you have more than one pair add a grand total at the top or bottom of your post.

Slip Socks – 40 points 

10 – Adult socks 

5 – Quaere Fibre yarn 

5 – Turtlegirl76 pattern 

5 – Jan Smiley bag 

5 – Jan Smiley poke me not

5 – Dazzling Dragon Fly markers

How to calculate points

Knit an adult pair of socks (10) designed by a sponsor (5), out of a sponsor yarn (5), while housed in a sponsor bag (5), and used sponsor stitch markers (5) Total 30 points.

Yarn is the only category that you can claim the same sponsor twice in a pair.

If you are claiming points for a bag – only one time per bag can you get the 5 points and you will need a picture of your WIP in that bag. Same with stitch markers or other notions (poke me nots, etc). Each item like that can only be used once. Now if you have 7 poke me nots, you can claim them 7 times. You cannot, however, claim the SAME poke me not on all 7 pairs if you only own one poke me not. Also, same with stitch markers. These are a set. So if you have 5 sets of Dazzling Dragonfly stitch markers, you can claim them 5 times. If you only have one set that consists of 5 actual stitch markers, you can still only count the set ONCE.

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