Episode 127 – Ice Cream Trucks

Episode 127 – Ice Cream Trucks

Ann is officially out of school for the summer!  

FO [finished objects]

I frogged the Gramps Cardigan that I had completed (minus the buttons) and reclaimed the City Tweed DK that I had used for it.

Frogged the Timeless Henley and reclaimed the Hazel Knits big wheel.

I finished spinning the polwarth battlings that Janis got me at MDSW.   I got about 275 yards of a 2-ply fingering weight yarn that I promptly cast on!!

Ann –  Martine Hat by Lisa Myers

  • Yarn: Handspun Polwarth HobbledeHoy battlings
  • Needles:  US 3 & 6
  • going to put a pom-pom on with the leftover handspun
  • Happy to be spinning again

Circumvolute Hat

  • Yarn: Queen City DK
  • color:  Birds of a Feather
  • Needles:  US 3 & 4
  • Notes:  did the swirl pattern
  • Yarn: Knit picks felici
  • Color: Jamboree
  • Needles: Hiya hiya sharps
  • Needle size:  US 1
  • Notes:  Tubes are completed.  Closer to Christmas, heels will be placed for the recipient.

Yarn: Neighborhood Fiber Co

Colors: Canton, Penn North, Ward Circle, Charles Center

Needles: KP shorties

Needle Size  US

  • Yarn: Ginx Yarns
  • Color: Graynbow
  • Needles: Hiya Hiya Sharps
  • Needle size: US 1.5
  • Notes – 60 stitches

WIP [works in progress]

  • Yarn: Fiberymph Dye Works
  • Color: Chrysocolla
  • Needles: Chia Goo 9” Circ
  • Needle size:  US 0

The Sunlight of Solstice Shawl by Catherine Knutsson

  • Yarn: QCY Merino/silk 50/50
  • Color: OOAK – cream with berry and teal speckles
  • Needle Sizes: US 5 and 6

Yarn: Copper Corgi Jones St Worsted

Color: Emerald

Needles: Karbonz

Needle Size: US 8

Waiting WIP [works in progress]

Yarn: Knit Picks WoTA

Colors: Currant and Caution ( Winthrop color)

Yarn: Sock yarn Scraps

Hook: E

Notes – I used this video from the crochet corner as my pattern and will use it again to make it rectangular instead of square.

Ann – Threshold by Melanie Berg

  • Yarn: Lilliput Yarns Sock
  • Color: Stormy
  • Needles: Karbonz
  • Needle size: US 5

Ann – Another one??!! – Pinwheel Scraps Blanket

  • Yarn: sock yarn scraps
  • Needles:  Zing Straights
  • Needle Size:  US 3
  • German Short Rows – new to me and I LOVE them!!  Used this tutorial
  • Working color themed squares. (total complete: 11)

Ann – Yipes Stripes Cowl

  • Yarn: Knit Picks Mighty Stitch
  • Colors:  White, Black, Teal, Mint, Silver
  • Needles:  Knit Picks Shorties
  • Needle Size:  US 7


Janis is going to the Disney retreat in the fall. You can find all of the details here!


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